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Union Productions often co-sponsors events with FSU organizations and agencies. We can partner with your organization and provide assistance with event planning in Club Downunder. The Club Downunder is staffed entirely by students from Union Productions and our Executive Board approves the co-sponsored events held in the CDU. If you have an event idea you’d like to discuss more with UP, please fill out the form below and email it to our Co-Sponsorships Coordinator at, as their work email is currently down.

CDU is only open certain evenings due to budget, staffing availability, holidays, and other events on the UP calendar. UP reserves the right to turn down co-sponsorship requests even if there is not another event on the requested date. Union Productions strives for quality events for all students, and potential co-sponsored events are evaluated in the same manner as any other event in the CDU. In order to be approved for a co-sponsored event, an RSO or SGA agency must follow these guidelines:

* Complete a co-sponsored event request form available from the CDU website and return it via email to

* An RSO representative must meet with the UP Co-Sponsorships Coordinator within two weeks of the submitted request to go over details of the proposed event.

* The Co-Sponsorships Coordinator will present the request to the UP Executive Board for approval, and only after board approval will the RSO be notified that their co-sponsored event has been approved or rejected.

* The RSO must follow all guidelines set by the Union Productions Co-Sponsorships Coordinator, as well as follow all established rules of Club Downunder and any guidelines set by the venue manager on the night-of.

Your event is more likely to be approved by the UP Executive Board if it is:

* On a night that the CDU is open and would like to have an event.

* Likely to draw a large crowd.

* Unique and adds diversity to the Union Productions calendar.

We also have a large calendar of events that your organization can co-sponsor to help us get the word out to more students. If there is an existing event that you are interested in co-sponsoring, you may contact the programmer for that event directly.


Co-Sponsorship Guidelines
To check on the status of your application, please email Briana Campbell at
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